Launch: February 2018
Price: Free
Rating: 4.5

Our frantically fun puzzle game will test your wits and reflexes as you try and snap large combos and power up your magical Catsumus!

What's a Catsumu? Tsumu is the Japanese word for 'stacking', so translated Catsumu means "Cat Stacking"! It's pronounced ca tsum u, or "Cat-soom-oos".

Collect all the Catsumus!

There's a lot of Catsumus to collect, and each one has a special power to use during gameplay. Charge up their magic energy and let the kitty chaos begin!

Action Gameplay

Quick 1 minute gameplay that you can play anywhere at anytime!

Compete with Friends

Google Play Leaderboards to test your puzzle gaming skills against your friends!

Easy to Learn

Use our in-game tutorial to teach you a step by step process of lining up and collecting Catsumus!

Deep Gameplay

Power up your magical abilities by lining up large combos and unleashing by clicking magic charge!


Which Catsumus can you collect? Start playing, unlock more and become the Catsumu champion. Here's some of them so far:

  • - Demolition Cliffy -
  • - Mr. Smiles -
  • - Ninja Cat -
  • - Princess Tiara -
  • Download now for even more!