Launch: August 2019
Price: Free
Rating: 4.5

Rescue all the survivors, upgrade them, find out more about their backstory and form a connection with them, and see how long can you survive in a Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombie Simulator QC is an anime styled ' collection ' card gacha game where you unlock and upgrade chibi characters to play in a card game based zombie apocalypse! The QuickCard format of games allows you to play with a single hand on the go and compare your scores online with others on leaderboards and share your stats via social media!

QuickCard System

On the go style design using the QuickCard system allows for one handed card based gameplay with multiple surprise twist events during a card game!

Competitive Play


Two Ways to Play

The Card Game ( Quick card ) format and the Idle game mode, which helps you to earn 'Bucks' and items while you're away from your phone!

No Waiting!

No energy in this game, play as often and as long as you like!

No Online Locks!

Play anytime you like online or offline!

Chibi Zome Survival

Survive the zombie apocalypse with over 13 beautifully drawn anime-inspired Chibi characters with even more to come soon.

  • Halloween anime chibi graphics that are cute and friendly
  • Unlock characters, outfits, gifts, and gameplay modes!
  • Over 13 unique characters with voices with over 40 outfits and more survivors coming!
  • Choose your weapon for the apocalypse and face the countless hordes of zombies.